Rohan Shinde has born and raised in Mumbai (India) and is an active trader / investor / subbroker, since 2004. He has a vast experience of working with USA biggest subprime mortgage company for almost 9 years

His zeal and dire need of educating and sharing his trading ideas gave birth to "MARKET MANTRA 99" a platform for knowledge and education.

He has formed "MARKET MANTRA 99" group and has started training many participants since inception.His partcipants are from all walks of life including some broking house in mumbai. In the unique are of consultancy , portfolio manager or financial planner ,ROHAN SHINDE stands out different as a trainer - Mentor in the industry. 

He trains how market works, how market behaves, & how we participants need to behave with markets. He believes that market is more about feeling, experiencing and visualizing . 

His vision is the impart financial education to maximum number of people which can create more enlightened homes and families. His believe is self discipline and vision can help us overcome all hurdles and goals in life.